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Creamy roll of Erre cured-cooked ham in contrasts


Competing recipe in the second ERRE DE VIC CUM LAUDE Gastronomy Awards


Preparation of a roll of ERRE cured-cooked ham

  • First emulsify the cream with the cream cheese, a pinch of salt and a little pepper and put it to one side in a pastry hose. To make the rolls, cut some thin slices of ERRE cured-cooked ham and make a rectangle 4 cm × 3 cm in size. Fill them with cream cheese with the hose.

Preparation of the muscatel reduction

  • Boil the muscatel together with the sugar.

Preparation of the caramelized pineapple with the muscovado sugar

  • First heat and caramelize the sugar. Then add the butter and the pineapple chopped into 1cm x 1cm cubes. Once it is well-impregnated with sugar, take it off the heat.

Preparation of the bread sachets

  • • Knead all the ingredients together and spread them out very thinly until 1mm thick, cut into squares and boil for 210ºC for about 3 minutes.

Preparation of the smooth cherry sauce

  • Emulsify some of the cream cheese with the cherries. Then strain it and put it to one side.


  • Now you have the different components of the dish in a harmonious form, giving prominence to the rolls of ERRE cured-cooked ham. To finish, decorate it with the natural cherry and some basil sprouts to give a fresh touch to the dish.

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