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Cured-Cooked Ham


The “gran reserva” of our true vocation

Our artisanal cured-cooked ham evokes a thousand different occasions: with the family, with friends, when relaxing, savouring it at any time of the day, anywhere, creating unforgettable moments.

Erre de Vic, 1952’s flagship product is made in our production room in an artisanal process which prioritises the repose of each piece: the massage leads on to a lengthy maceration process, without added flavour enhancers or artificial aromas, in the cold and silence of the chambers, where the meat is allowed to rest until it acquires its pink colour, asserting its characteristic flavour, the symphony of aromas and fine structure.

Each piece is double-boiled in its own packaging to reaffirm the flavour, aroma and quality of the ham. Its size is not determined by moulds but by the natural shape of each piece of meat and its original weight.

It has a low content of saturated fats and sugars but is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. And it has a large number of varieties, for all tastes: cured-cooked ham without phosphates, nitrites or nitrates, organic and duroc cured-cooked ham, together with other more gourmet proposals with raisins or truffles or marinated in wine.

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