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Turkey and Chicken


Mild and delicious excellence

Turkey is a meat that is low in fat with a mild and delicious flavour which creates a pleasant freshness in the mouth. Traditionally smoked or unsmoked, it is an excellent choice for enjoying eating while at the same time taking care of your health. At Erre de Vic we produce it in an artisanal and healthy manner, using whole pieces with the same care, delicacy and slowness which characterizes the process to make our cured-cooked ham.
We also offer a variety of organic turkey, seasoned with Mediterranean herbs to surprise the palate with an exquisite combination. Our turkey products are made without phosphates, nitrites or foreign proteins. They are also low in fat and sugar.

The best artisanal traditions, with meat that is low in fat and high in nutritional value

Erre de Vic, 1952’s chicken is the solution for consumers who wish to introduce or increase their intake of white meats in their diet. It is lower in fat but rich in proteins, with a high nutritional value, minerals, vitamins and folic acid. Chicken is easily digested and essential in any diet.

Our products are made from whole pieces, free of phosphates, nitrites, gluten, lactose, egg and any kinds of allergens, without additives or foreign proteins.

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