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Crunchy bread spoon with cube of Erre cured cooked ham, pineapple gelatine and Brie foam


Erre Cum Laude Finalist Recipe

David Sanmartín Pelegrín. Higher School of Catering, Barcelona.


  • First make the crunchy bread spoons by placing each fine slice of bread between two curved spoons (the bread should be machine-sliced while frozen, in lengths of about 8 cm, the thickness depending on the slicer used). Dry them out in the oven for some 15 minutes at 150ºC. Leave them to cool and then carefully remove the bread from the spoon mould.
  • Prepare the Brie foam by melting the cheese with the cream over low heat. Once melted and blended, pour into a double-charger siphon and reserve. When the foam is ready, cut the cubes of Erre cured cooked ham and sear them in a very hot pan to remove excess humidity.
  • To prepare the pineapple gelatine, cook the pineapple over low heat with the water and sugar for about 10 minutes. Remove the pineapple and cut it to the same size as the base of the ham cube. Cool the cooking syrup and, when cold, add the pectin or agar-agar to make the gelatine. Place the pineapple on top of the ham cube and boil the syrup again. When it boils, carefully spoon some of it over the pineapple and leave to cool in the refrigerator, to allow the gelatine to set.


  • Trace a line on the plate with the balsamic vinegar reduction. Place the bread spoon in the middle of the plate and arrange the ham cube with pineapple gelatine on the spoon (when removing the preparation from the refrigerator, trim off any excess gelatine from the sides of the ham). Top the gelatine with a little Brie foam and sprinkle some cherry tomato seeds on the foam (the seeds can be accessed by making three cuts: one at the base of the tomato, another at the top, and another just where the seeds and the flesh of the tomato are joined. Pull gently.
  • Now simply pass a sharp knife under the seeds to free them). Sprinkle a little salt over the seeds and drizzle with a few drops of olive oil. Garnish the dish with the red cabbage sprouts and onion (any kind of sprouts may be used), and voilà! This chef recipe certainly won’t go unnoticed!

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