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“Bikini” (toasted ham and cheese sandwich) with apple-stuffed egg yolk and vegetable shoots


Erre Cum Laude Finalist Recipe

Antoni Bosch Torras, CETT School, School of Catering and Tourism.

Preparation – Bikini:

  • Place four slices of bread on a tray covered with clingfilm. Spread both sides of the bread slices with softened butter.
  • Cover each slice with the Brie first and then with the “ERRE” cured cooked ham. Top each one with another slice of bread (also spread on both sides with softened butter), to form the ‘bikini’ sandwich.
  • Reserve in the refrigerator, wrapped in clingfilm to prevent them from going dry. To serve, toast the ‘bikinis’ well on both sides until the cheese has melted.

Preparation – Apple purée

  • Peel and dice the apple and sauté it in a pan with the butter and lemon juice.
  • When soft, process it in a blender or liquidiser (Thermomix, Mycook) to a very fine, slightly runny purée. Reserve and keep warm.

Preparation – Stuffed yolks:

  • Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Place each yolk on a soupspoon. Using a syringe, remove as much yolk as possible from each yolk sac.
  • Then fill each empty sac with the apple purée.
  • To finish, sprinkle a little sugar over each ‘yolk’ and caramelise with the aid of a culinary blowtorch.

Preparation – Salad:

  • Place the sprouts and shoots in a bowl and season with salt and olive oil.


  • Place a hot ‘bikini’ in each of four deep plates and top with a stuffed, caramelised yolk.
  • Garnish with the sprouts salad and a few Maldon salt crystals. The apple and ham pair extraordinarily well.

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