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Bacon, Frankfurters and Textures


Tradition and craftmanship, double-boiled and baked

Our bacon is made in keeping with traditional methods and without any injections. Each piece is immersed in brine and left to macerate for at least six days. We prepare it naturally, without added phosphates or foreign proteins. We double-boil it and then slowly bake it until it acquires an exquisite taste and a smooth flavour. It is made only with select local meats under strict food and health control, in compliance with the guidelines on animal welfare.

We create complicity… frankfurters can be healthy

The frankfurters we make at Erre de Vic, 1952 are healthy. They are unique because they only contain ham, turkey or chicken, salpeter and sodium ascorbate. They have just the right balance between meat and fat, allowing them to melt in your mouth as you savour them (at room temperature). In addition to the conventional sizes, at Erre de Vic we also offer them in snack size; fun to eat and ideal to nibble on or as tapas.

Textures: a delight to make you smile…

Our ready to spread minced meat, has been painstakingly created for people who seek high-quality food with a low calorie content and excellent taste. Exquisite, refined and delicious products, based on our cured-cooked ham, they combine with the flavours of the wine and apricots, figs and apples.

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