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Corporate Social Responsibility
Naturally responsible, naturally committed

Erre de Vic, 1952 is a responsible company committed to the health of people and the environment. We therefore incorporate social, environmental and economic criteria in our daily activity. Our challenge is to produce the best cured-cooked ham in the world in a traditional and healthy manner, retaining all its flavour. Erre de Vic, 1952 products do not contain allergens and are suitable for everyone. They are exquisite, high-end products based on ecological ethics.

Committed to the health of people and the environment, we apply social, environmental and economic criteria to our project

At Erre de Vic, 1952 we encourage teamwork and value each person for what he or she brings to the company. We facilitate the conciliation of their work and personal lives, we encourage dialogue and we guarantee equal opportunities, stimulating a shared vision and involving the entire team in the company’s strategic objectives, in order to promote a sense of collective responsibility.

We also offer customized services adapted to the needs of each customer and we only work with suppliers that share our CSR policy. As a result, we create partnerships with other companies and collectives committed to providing high-quality raw materials and to improving people’s lives, ensuring their health and well-being.

To be the best, we must first improve the environment with coherence, integrity and leadership

We are committed to society, safeguarding people’s health with healthy and exquisite products. We perform sensitization initiatives and seek to popularize our work so as to improve the quality of life of the population. In addition, we work together with the society around us by participating in charity events and making donations.

We realize that in order to be the best, first we must improve the environment with coherence, integrity and leadership. This is our commitment.

Memory CSR 2012-2013

We constantly maintain the enthusiasm of the very first day, working with excellence and balance to extract a symphony of incomparable flavours and textures from traditional cured-cooked ham…

We care about health and people…
We want to share a single dream…

Cured-Cooked Ham, “gran reserva” ham.