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Our identity

Since 1952 at Erre de Vic we have been dedicated to making high-quality, healthy and gastronomical products, combining the traditional artisan process with research, development and innovation (RDI).

Advanced gastronomical techniques for making high-quality and healthy products which combine craftsmanship and innovation

Our beginnings were marked by the tenacious, convinced and persistent vision of the Vilacís Erra family, who created a company based on the conviction that cured-cooked ham could and should be an extraordinary product. Over the years, the essence and the raison d’être of this family business has remained unchanged, focusing all its energy on manufacturing gastronomic products using traditional methods, discovering new products and new ways of enjoying them and extending the Erre de Vic 1952 range with an unfailing brand, brimming with creativity.

This was the aim pursued in the early days by José Erre, the founder of our project, his daughter Cristina and his son-in-law Josep Vilacís, a veterinary surgeon, researcher and founding member of the Catalan Association of Food Science. For over 60 years, Erre de Vic 1952 has enjoyed a special relationship with the county of Osona, as well as being open to the rest of the world. Our products therefore also pay tribute to our land and to our finest traditions..

Our philosophy

Our road map consists of the well-being of people and making products that are as natural and authentic as possible. We base the preparation of our products on the concepts of health and exquisiteness and on a perfect balance between innovation and tradition, bearing in mind our consumers’ sensitivity to food ethics, high-quality gastronomy and respect for the surrounding area and the environment.

At Erre de Vic 1952, every little detail is cared for to make each piece a unique gastronomic creation. We follow the traditional artisan processes, we are inspired by our territory and its history and we make use of the expertise we have accumulated over the years, to ensure that the taste, texture and nutritional value are optimal for a product which is both a gourmet dish and apt for everyday consumption..

Each day we strive to achieve a perfect balance in all our products, with our cured-cooked ham as the flagship and origin of the brand, without ceasing to innovate, in terms of both new proposals and ranges and the machinery and packaging we use, which are always respectful to the environment.

Our cured-cooked ham, the flagship and origin of Erre de Vic 1952, is accompanied by a wide range of exquisite, natural and creative products

Faithful to our roots, we have extended our horizons with proposals such as healthy frankfurters, turkey, chicken, bacon and different textures. In addition, we have incorporated an organic range and another low in salt, in response to consumer demand, and we bet in introducing healthy products to make everyday easier with Cuinassana.

We maintain the enthusiasm of the very first day, working with excellence and balance to extract a symphony of incomparable flavours and textures from our traditional cured-cooked ham…

We care about health and people…
We want to share a unique dream…

Cured-Cooked Ham, “gran reserva” ham.

Jamón cocido curado Erre de Vic - Lata

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