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Look after yourself

Health and nutrition, healthy gastronomy

Health is very important for us and, therefore, the products we make are transparent. We do not conceal their nature and they are suitable for celiacs (because they do not contain wheat) and people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk proteins and their by-products or eggs.

With a low sugar and high protein content, our healthy-eating proposals are rich in natural antioxidants and oleic acids, which provide protection against cholesterol and triglycerides (except for the leg of cured-cooked ham).

An ally for the Mediterranean diet

With regard to our flagship product, cured-cooked ham, it is an excellent ally for the Mediterranean diet. It is a fine combination of meat and barely perceptible fat. It is a lean food which helps to prevent arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis and improves the intellectual performance of the consumer. 100 grams of cured-cooked ham contain only 104 kcal.

In addition, it provides a lot of vitamins, especially those in the B group, which means significant benefits for children, teenagers, adults and the elderly, due to its basic role in the development of blood cells, nerve tissue, energy metabolism and the normal functioning of the heart. We should also highlight its high content of minerals such as phosphorus and zinc, essential for preventing anaemia.

As for our products made from poultry, they have a low fat content but do not provide vitamins or minerals.

taula d'al·lergensTable of allergens

In order to contribute to improving food safety and ethics, you can view the table of allergens which display all the ingredients used in the making of our products.

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